About Us

Our work is our art, we aim to exceed all of your security expectations.

Our Culture Deck

Simplifying Security

We don’t talk jargon; speaking in real terms with real outcomes.

Security is not our only Focus

In an unideal world, compromise is necessary to find the balance.

Pro-active Security Solutions

The first step of an incident response plan is ‘preparation’.

We achieve the CIA triad of Confidentiality, Integrity & Availability

Secure IO was established in 2019 on The Sunshine Coast, with technicians in the industry since 2002. We all came together with an already focused mind on cyber security & decided there was not enough care taken in the IT industry. With this, we decided to start ‘Secure IO’, a security focused IT business offering IT Cyber Security services. Our philosophy is “It’s our job to make you cyber secure, so you can run your business feeling safe in an online world”.

Australians lost $500 Million to scams in 2018; an increase of $140 Million (28%) from the year before & these are only reported scams. With these scams only increasing every year, every industry, from accounting to construction must stay ahead of the curve, increasing Cyber Security. If this does not worry you, nearly 3 out of 4 companies infected with ransomware due to scams are down in best case for 2+ days with an average loss of $713,000 per incident. Can you afford these costs? (Source: Absolute IT)