Penetration Testing

Does your company have a public facing website, maybe this website is located on the Domain Controller (DC) server, do you have remote users accessing internal files? These & more are the feature points of a News feed for a company that has been exploited & compromised. Don’t be in the News for the wrong reason, allow Secure IO to perform a penetration test & audit on your network.

  • Website Penetration Test
  • Internal / External Network Penetration Test
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  • Complete IT Audit & Technology Review
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Malware Infections Since 2008

The chance of major vulnerabilities being found from a penetration test are 30% or greater, with minor vulnerabilities found occurring in 50% or more tests. Most vulnerabilities found are due to misconfiguration of a control that was put into place. Penetration testing will bring vulnerabilities to light. (Source: Cobalt – American penetration testing company)

For as long as computers, software, networks & websites have been employed, malicious insiders & outsiders have been attempting to gain unauthorized access to them. Furthermore, with the growing number of internet of things (IoT) devices within companies, the need to be secure has never been higher. An internal IT department for a company with 100 employees is on average a single technician. Now, there is no way within a 38 hours week a single technician can handle projects, IT helpdesk, uptime demand, meetings, performance improvements & still secure the network. Generally, security is the lowest concern to company management & the IT department simply does not have the manpower to handle this.

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What on Earth is Penetration Testing

Penetration testing, also known as pen testing, is an authorised attack simulation against a network or application.

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Penetration Testing Approaches & Methods

Learn about the automated and manual approaches to discovering vulnerabilities in a network, device or application.

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How to Test System Security Efficiently & Effectively

Selecting a partner for penetration testing, assessments, or audits, defining, and initiating a test.


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Nothing is secure until you test it.

Outsourcing a penetration test on your network, software or website will expose vulnerabilities that are acceptable as well as vulnerabilities that are too risky to ignore. Allow Secure IO to perform a penetration test of your software, computers, networks or website.

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