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A computer is not just a tool for you, it’s a hacker’s favourite tool too. If you do not secure your computers against malicious actors, you are opening yourself to a world full of danger. Thieves have changed the way they operate, preferring the safer approach of scamming their victims through dodgy websites & malicious emails rather than breaking into houses. Allow Secure IO to audit & secure your computer.

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  • Secure Authentication
  • Encryption
  • Managed Software
  • Notifications & Reporting
  • IT Audit & Technology Review
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Malware Infections Since 2008

Australia is an ever-growing target of hacking; these are not necessarily Saudi Princes, but ‘state-sponsored’ hacks performed by overseas government funded cyber-terrorist groups. From 2018 to 2019, state-sponsored attacks have doubled, targeting computer systems with low Computer Security. (Source: ABC News)

With computers being a major work tool since the late 1980’s & the world having moved mostly digital since early 2000’s a shift in thieves’ mindset has been set in motion. It has become more prevalent for thieves to change their mindset from the old physical break in & steal tactic to a digital approach. Now, more than ever, but not as much as tomorrow, a company must adopt digital security for their computers & IT infrastructure. This includes assessing the computer’s antivirus, firewall, policies, technical controls & more.

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Cyber Security for Beginners

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The Fundamentals of Cyber Security

To protect yourself against the cyber threats of today, you must understanding cyber security.

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8 Cyber Security Best Practices For Your Business

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A modern company must secure all data locally on their computers using modern technical & administrative controls. If you are concerned with your business computer security, allow Secure IO to secure your company computers.

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