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Does your company accept online payments, allow client account logins or have an online store? Are you sure your website is secure? Hackers look at these websites as an income stream. Would your business be able to survive a complete site down situation for a day, a week or even indefinitely? We have noticed a lack of website security with the release of highly available website development platforms such as WordPress, Wix & Shopify.

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Malware Infections Since 2008

It’s worrying that 73% of all WordPress (The most popular website building platform) versions are vulnerable to at least 5 exploits. This is not to say that it is only WordPress either, with 95% of cyber security breaches due to ‘human error’, custom websites are susceptible to exploit as well with most companies taking 6 months to detect a breach. If you are receiving payments, have login details or have your website connected to important resources, it is necessary to have your website security tested now. (Source: Cybint – Global Cyber education company)

When talking about websites, it is not simply the public facing website, this could also include a company database or internal web-based software where employee’s login to perform daily tasks internal or external to the network. At the face of a modern business is a website, a potential customers first view at your business offerings & first chance to see what you stand for. Individual customers may be worth thousands to a business; therefore, if your website is down, modified or defaced, this could cost your business potential work. Securing not just the website, also the DNS, registrar & hosting will provide a more layered security plan that incorporates all aspects.

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5 Reasons Why Website Security is Important

Websites get hacked every day. By some estimates, about 50 000 websites get hacked every day.

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How to Protect Against Your Site Getting Hacked

If a website is hacked and blacklisted, it often loses up to 98% of its traffic.

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9 Security Tips to Protect a Website from Hackers

Professional advice for optimising your website security and avoiding hacking disasters.


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Websites are critical, secure yours today.

Web-based software may store important client data, company IP or employee information, which are the most important information needing to be secured. Allow Secure IO to audit your website security providing you with a report & recommendations.

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