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Email scams are within the top 3 highest attack vectors for scammers & hackers, this has been the case since the mass adoption of email in the mid-1990s. Hackers & scammers have had a long time to perfect the art of exploiting users & computers. Whether it is Office 365, G-Suite or onsite Exchange; Secure IO are experienced in securing the email system. Furthermore, we are experienced in email filtering, providing globally best-in-class filtering software.

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Malware Infections Since 2008

In 2019, email phishing accounted for 90% of all data breaches worldwide. 76% of businesses reported being a victim to email phishing attacks, with 30% of phishing emails opened by targeted users. Email security is important & must be taken seriously. (Source: Retruster – American email security software company)

With email being massively adopted since the mid-1990s & its security being so important, a company would not be wrong in assuming all email systems automatically adopt new security innovations. However, in a world where innovative technologies come at a price, email companies are not giving away features for free. Furthermore, new features being released are not turned on by default, this would cause too much disruption. As such, IT professionals must maintain recent knowledge of their email system, then, if it is not keeping up to date, move to a more advanced solution. The larger email companies Microsoft’s 365 & Google’s G-Suite are almost equally the most advanced solutions; however, to understand, then apply correct licencing & security features is a specialist skill.

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Time to Re-think Email Security

Hackers delivered two-thirds of all successful malware through phishing emails.

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Anatomy of an Email Phishing Scam

“Phishing” is the practice of fooling unsuspecting people into giving away their most sensitive data.

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What Can Be Learned from a Phishing Domain

By tracking and investigating one phishing domain, can we find other domains in operation?


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Social engineering is real, secure your email.

Email security requires more than simply turning on a few features, then leaving the system to run without further attention. In fact, email security requires constant attention; larger companies dedicate entire teams to effective email system management.

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