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Secure IO is at the core a security consultancy firm; however, we are also a Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP). We can work with your IT department or completely replace an in-house IT department as this is occasionally more cost effective. If your requirement is to simply outsource the Managed Security, Secure IO will audit your internal systems & make recommendations from there.

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Malware Infections Since 2008

In the 1990’s, IT security was a minor responsibility for an IT department; now with global, borderless, mobile & complex IT computing, security is more pertinent than ever. So, for a business with 100 employees or less, the average IT department size is a single technician; this includes: projects, IT helpdesk, security, uptime demand, meetings & performance improvements. Generally, security is the lowest concern to company management & the IT department does not have the manpower to handle this. Outsource your security services so your IT department can keep on top of their day to day operations. (Source: Forbes – International news company)

In a world of outsourcing, it is no surprise that security is a common service to outsource, with the average wage for a full-time experienced IT security specialist being $110,000. Therefore, for many smaller companies, there is no comparison between a third-party security firm & an in-house full-time security specialist/s. Since the dawn of IT, there has been a general understanding of performance over anything else, security has always been an after-thought. Software, hardware & policies should include a ‘security-by-design’ thought process throughout the brainstorming, development & implementation phases.

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Why You Need a Managed Security Service Provider

Cyber security is no joke, and businesses cannot afford to ignore the dangers in the cyber world.

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5 Benefits of Engaging a Professional MSSP

Executives have become overwhelmed with the threat of phishing, hacks and breaches.

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Is Managed Security the Right Choice for You?

The constantly changing threat landscape makes a robust security program a moving target.


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You can trust that with Secure IO managing your security, we will endeavour to always be transparent & only recommend a solution as if it were for a friend or family member. Allow us to perform an IT Security Audit of your IT infrastructure.

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