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Securing your IT infrastructure is imperative; however, the level of security can differ between a 5-employee construction company & 25-employee accounting firm. This is where Secure IO stand out, we understand that the world isn’t an ideal one, compromise is a factor.

  • Antivirus, HIPS & NIPS
  • Penetration Testing
  • Unified Threat Management
  • Network Security
  • IT Audit & technology Review
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Malware Infections Since 2008

Ransomware has been around since 1989. However, ransomware has grown to be a major IT Security concern of companies & small businesses alike since 2012 when ransomware really took flight. Nearly 3 out of 4 companies infected are down in best case for 2+ days with an average loss of $713,000 per incident. Can you afford these costs? (Source: Acronis – Renowned cyber backup company, International)

IT Security does not simply mean digital security; physical security is also a factor that must be taken seriously. As such, how would your business fare if a thief in a suit walked into your business claiming to be from ‘IT’, unplugged your server & walked out? Honestly, would your staff know otherwise? What would happen to the data on your server? Is it protected at the hardware level? How about backups or a disaster recovery plan? Truly, this is not as uncommon as one would think; not all hackers are digital masterminds, instead opting for the simpler approach of ‘social engineering’ their way into your office during office hours & walking out with important resources or data.

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Prepare for Rising Cyber Attacks during COVID-19

Only 51 percent of technology professionals and leaders are highly confident that their cybersecurity team.

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GoDaddy Confirms a Breach of 28,000 Records

GoDaddy, the world’s largest domain registrar and hosting company has been hacked, resulting in stolen data.

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How Hackers are Exploiting COVID-19

Cybercriminals hope to go unnoticed. But now, they are showing their true colors in the COVID-19 pandemic.


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IT security covers everything in your IT infrastructure including backups, encryption, policies, computers, servers, network equipment, phones, training & more. Allow Secure IO to perform an IT Security Audit of your IT infrastructure.

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